What is Scanboss Assets Tracking?

Inventory of fixed assets is an important concern of every company, regardless of size. Scanboss Assets Tracking is advanced fixed assets inventory solution. By using it you can simplify and automate fixed assets inventory process.

Why automate inventory process?

The main benefits of using Scanboss assets inventory solution are following:

  1. accurate inventory of assets,
  2. inventory process 3-4 times faster comparing to manual inventory,
  3. easy to track any changes, for example - change of asset location, responsible person, user, etc.
  4. easy to track inventory progress,
  5. very simple reporting of inventory results.

What is the principle behind Scanboss solution?

The main steps of assets inventory process with Scanboss are following:

  1. unique barcode is used to mark each asset,
  2. mobile scanner device - Portable Data Terminal (PDT) is used for assets inventory,
  3. all is needed for asset inventory is to scan it's barcode using PDT device,
  4. special software is used to exchange data with PDT device about assets and inventory results,
  5. as soon as inventory is finished final report is generated.